Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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The Benson

The Benson Steel reinforced double diagonal.



Biggen Hill

The Biggen Hill our triple cross single.



The Hornchurch

The Hornchurch extra height and rails for dogs.



The Hendon

The Hendon three rail double.



The Hawkinge

The Hawkinge is our larger double flat top with added steel for security.



The Cranwell

The is our double flat top with added steel for security.



The Feltwell

The Feltwell is a double diagonal with a "v" top.



The Kent and Hampstead Combination

This is a combination of the Kent vehicle access gate and the Hampstead pedestrian gate.


Kirkby Solid

The Kirkby

The Kirkby is our solid pedestrian gate with a curved top.


The Kent

The Kent

The Kent is light double diagonal driveway gate.


The Kenley

The Kenley

The Kenley is a double gate with single flow through cross.


The Hampstead

The Hampstead

The Hampstead is a single pedestrian gate.


The Duxford

The Duxford

The Duxford is our double cross with curved top rail, normally paired.


The Chatsworth

The Chatsworth

The Chatsworth is a double cross driveway gate.


The Cambridge

The Cambridge

The Cambridge is a light stock gate made from New Zealand Oregon or Pine


The Buckingham

The Buckingham

The Buckingham is a combination of steel and wood for a different look. It can be galvanised or painted.


The Amberley

The Amberley

The Amberley is a light stock gate in tanalised pine.



The Windermere

The Windermere is our extra high pedestrian gate with single cross



The Tangmere Curved Top

The Tangmere Curved Top gate has a top curved rail and half crosses, finished here in white for a residential feel.


Stanford Extra High 02

The Stanford

The Stanford is our most popular gate with four or five rails and its distinguished raised side upright. It comes with a curved or straight top. It can be customised for extra height, doubled for extra width, matched to fence line or made to look like a double. We can even add a curved top rail and a hooked side upright.



The Pembrey

The Pembrey is our double diagonal gate in macrocarpa. It comes in a double curved or single curved top rail.



The Northholt

The Northholt is our base standard wooden gate. It has single diagonal rails. It can come in a single or double pack.



The Manston

The Manston is our large single gate with the added extension to give it the extra length. The Manston can be paired to to fit those extra wide entrance ways.

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